Thursday, March 24, 2005

The National Archivist announces....Estate Duty Office Indexes to Death Duty Records to 1885

Online Now! Estate Duty Office Indexes to Death Duty Records to 1885.

We have just uploaded the index for Wills and Administrations for The
Court of Probate 1885 to the current online archive.
You can now view indexes of English and Welsh Wills and Administrations
from 1796 to 1885.



Now available to search at the National Archivist are a range of
categories including;

* Births, Marriages and Deaths
* Military Records
* Emigration and Passports
* Wills, Administrations and Taxes
* British Colonies
* Directories and Professionals
* Free to View archives

You can search the database for FREE, view images from as little as 20
UK pence (approx 40 US cents) and save and print your copy. If you have
already paid to view an image you can view it again without any further

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