Saturday, October 15, 2005

Genealogy updates

The 5th Annual British Institute came to a successful close on Friday 14 October 2005 in Salt Lake City. Besides class time, there was research time and the library was bustling with people doing their own research and doing class projects. Attendees agreed the institute was well done and the classes were much more than they anticipated.

Next year's dates are 2 October 2006 through 6 October 2006. Mark your calendar now to set aside this week to really learn how to do British genealogy and climb over those brick walls facing you. More information will be forth coming in the near future. Check here or go to our Web site

ORIGINS.NET, is the site to visit to further your research. " is becoming recognised as the ultimate Web resource [for genealogy] in the British Isles..."
Family Tree magazine

You can do free searches by surname and pay to view the information. There are various records searched in different time frames. Make a list of those people you want to find more about - or just find! and search away. The Web site is

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