Sunday, September 11, 2011

Early Registration for British Institute Ends Monday, September 12, 2011

Early registration for the British Institute ends at 11:59 tomorrow evening. We decided to extend the early registration fee as we never get to publicize it at the FGS Conference because it is always so close to BI and our early registration has long passed. There are a few spaces left, so if you’ve been thinking about attending, check out our website

The 35th FGS Conference has come to an end. Now we are left with absorbing what we heard, what we learned and how to go forward with our research. It is amazing how hearing about someone else’s finds or struggles with research can be of help in our own research. The networking opportunities are just as important as the lectures. You just never know what you will learn! And, you will learn. If you’ve never been to a national conference, you really need to go! So much fun, so many new friends, so many lectures to attend, so many ideas and suggestions to help with your research. Hope to see you at a conference soon.

Dick Eastman wrote on his blog about Deceased Online adding more than 67,000 Scottish records (see The index is free, but you need to pay to see the actual record. There are good details on the site about obtaining the credit to allow you to see the record. Have fun!

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