Wednesday, November 02, 2011

ISBGFH Surname Registry

One of the member benefits for 2012 will be the surname registry. We ask that you enter your surname, the county, using Chapman Codes, and the time frame. When the surname is Googled, the listing at ISBGFH will come up and contact can be made.

Your contact information will not be exposed, but the sender’s info will. Then when you respond, the original sender will see your contact info. We don’t like spam either and this will eliminate that worry.

The benefits of this registry is to connect you with others researching your line. You never know who or where that person is and with the internet , it is hopefully an easy way to make contact. Please don’t register if you have no intention of answering the query. A brief note indicating the line isn’t the same would be welcomed by the sender.

If you change e-mail addresses at some point, please advise! We want you to be contacted in the future.

Happy Hunting!

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