Friday, December 09, 2011

Christmas Traditions

No matter what your faith or religion is, there is a sense of joy when we gather together to share friendship, love and family traditions for our holidays.

What are the traditions your family celebrates? Do you have Christmas Crackers as part of your celebration? These have become more and more popular in the U. S. Gathering at the dinner table you cross your hands and pull on the cracker on each side of you. Don the tissue hat, read the silly jokes and ooh and aah over the toy or puzzle.

Boxing Day is a holiday in the U.K. and it is believed to have begun when the alms boxes were opened and the coins given to those in need. Then it evolved into giving gifts or Christmas money to the household servants and others. Now, it is a day of sales, much like our “Black Friday.”

Father Christmas comes and fills the stockings, or perhaps a pillowcase, that is laid on the end of the bed. Presents are opened in the morning and Christmas dinner served, typically, at mid-day.

What traditions do you celebrate that come from your British Isles ancestors?

All the best to you and yours in this holiday season!

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