Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Seats Remain in Only Two Institute Courses

Two courses being offered in the upcoming British Institute, 21-25 September 2015, are now full. Participants wanting to be placed on a waiting list for Researching Your English Ancestors or Tracing Your Irish Ancestors should contact the Institute Director.   Limited seating remains in the following two courses:

Everything you Need to Know about Scottish Genealogy ... and Then Some
Bruce Durie, PhD, FSA Scot, FIGRS

Scotland has the best-preserved, most complete, and most accessible sets of records on the planet. For the most part, these cannot be accessed through FamilySearch or, but are available through Scottish online sites.  Dr. Bruce Durie will demonstrate how to explore, understand, and use the wide range of record sources available online and in major repositories.

Dr. Durie is one of Scotland’s best known and respected genealogists. He was recently awarded the prestigious Fulbright Scottish Studies Scholar Award and is the only member of the Académie Internationale de Généalogie from Scotland. He founded the postgraduate program in Genealogical Studies at the University of Strathclyde, of which he was Course Director for six years. Now a Fellow at Strathclyde, he is developing a Masters and a doctoral programme in Genealogical Studies. He also teaches courses on genealogy, documents and heraldry at the University of Edinburgh.

Durie is perhaps best known for his BBC radio series, Digging Up Your Roots (eighth season in 2014), and A House with a Past. He has authored 30 books, engages in private genealogical work, co-organises ancestral tours, and co-manages the Scottish DNA Project.  He is Shennachie (Genealogist and Historian) to the Chief of Durie. His background is in medicine and neuropharmacology, as well as holding an additional doctoral degree in history.

Elements of Genealogical Writing, Editing, and Publishing
Melissa Johnson, CG

This course covers the principles of genealogical writing and the skills needed for genealogists to turn their research into well-written genealogical works. Students will learn to develop genealogies, pedigrees, lineages, and proof arguments that meet standards in the field.  Topics covered also include editing and self-editing; writing and organization tools such as Scrivener, Microsoft Word, spreadsheets, and mind-maps; genealogical venues for publishing; and style and layout considerations.

Melissa Johnson is a professional genealogist specializing in writing, editing, and publishing. She has written and edited numerous genealogical works, including family histories, biographies, narratives, and case studies.  She is also experienced in book layout and design for self-publishing, e-publishing, and traditional publishing. 

Melissa has been the Reviews Editor of the Association of Professional Genealogists Quarterly (APGQ) since 2008, and is also the editor of the GSNJ Newsletter, a publication of the Genealogical Society of New Jersey. Her work has been published privately and in numerous journals and magazines.      

To register for one of these courses, please access the information and registration form located on the ISBGFH 2015 British Institute page.

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