Monday, July 10, 2017

In Search of Your Glasgow Ancestors - Book Review

Maxwell, Ian. Tracing Your Glasgow Ancestors: A Guide for Local and Family Historians. Pen & Sword Publishing, South Yorkshire. ISBN 978 1 47386 721 5, 2016, 202 pgs.

This comprehensive guide to tracing your Glasgow ancestors is a must-have reference for anyone with Glaswegians in their family tree. Maxwell presents a history of Glasgow from medieval times. He discusses common Glaswegian surnames and talks about their origins. Maxwell provides a comprehensive history of the City and surrounds and spends time on each of the areas of the city - the Gorbals, Calton, Anderston and the like. Each of these areas is unique for the people who resided there, the work that was available and for its history. For example, few will have known that Gorbals once was a leper colony.

The resources available in Glasgow for genealogy research are some of the riches resources available. The information that can be gleaned from the very robust collections is almost beyond imagination. It truly is a case of your Glaswegian ancestors waiting on the shelves for you to come and find them. You can gain tremendous insight into the lives of your ancestors by consulting the records available in the City. This book provides a wealth of information about the records, where they can be found, the information they contain and how to access them.

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