Saturday, September 28, 2019


Today is the LAST day to register for this year's British Institute before the fees go way up. British Institute starts in just two weeks. This is your last chance to register for a week of intense learning combined with dedicated research time at the Family  History Library. 

Four courses:

Researching Scottish Ancestors – Christine Woodcock​
Don't miss out! Register HERE 

Monday, September 09, 2019

Webinars for Welsh Genealogy Research

Do you have Welsh ancestry? If so you won't want to miss these FREE webinars

Saturday Sept 21, 11 am eastern
Megan Heyl

You can find Megan Hunting Down History on her blog. 

Saturday December 7, 11 am eastern
Eilir Daniels

Eilir is a native speaking Welsh genealogist who runs Your Welsh Ancestors

The webinars are FREE at the time of presentation. Recordings are available for ISBGFH members. Not a member? It is only $25 to join and that not only gives you access to all of the season's webinar recordings, but also to our quarterly publication. 

Please note that confirmation of registration for the webinar does not guarantee you will get to watch. Spaces are limited, so be sure to log in so you are not disappointed. 

Friday, August 30, 2019


Have you registered yet for September's webinars? 

Using Manorial Records for Genealogy Research
Presented by Caroline Gurney
Saturday, Sept 7, 2020, at 11 am eastern (GMT-5)

Researching Your Glamorgan Ancestors
Presented by Megan Heyl
Saturday, Sept 21, 2020 at 11 am eastern

Remember that confirmation of registration does not guarantee that you will get to see the webinar. Be sure to log in early. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

FREE Webinar: Using Manorial Records for Genealogy Research



In this webinar, genealogist Caroline Gurney will share with us the genealogical gems that can be found in Manorial Records. The webinar is FREE to all at time of presentation. The recording is available to ISBGFH members. Not yet a member? Join for just $25

Ready to register for the webinar? Click this link:

Please note that confirmation of registration does not guarantee a "seat" at the webinar. FREE webinars fill very quickly. To ensure you get to watch the live presentation, please log in 20 minutes early on the day of the  webinar. 

Monday, August 19, 2019

Planning for the British Institute

Less than two months before British Institute convenes! Here's what to expect:

Sunday, October 13th - An informal reception @ the Plaza hotel allows you an opportunity to meet your instructor, others in your class, and others attending the institute. You'll receive your registration packet, including your print syllabus (if you ordered one - deadline is September 25th). There will be nibbles in case you are one of those who just arrived. Remember that you can arrive early and possibly have the same discount rate for a few days before and after the institute. There's a free shuttle to and from the airport to the Plaza if you are arriving by air.

Monday, October 14th - Classes start, followed by research time at the library and a sit-down dinner in the evening. This is another opportunity to informally connect with the instructors and others in attendance.

Tuesday through Friday - Class in the morning and research time in the afternoon and evening. The Family History Library is open most days until 9 pm. Plan to take advantage of the many sights and sounds Salt Lake City has to offer as well.

A successful research plan should include:

·         Stretching your legs every hour (put your items in a locker if needed).
·         Staying hydrated - closed water bottles are allowed in the library. Vending machines are available in the library for beverages and snacks.
·         Eating regularly - restaurants, grocery and convenience stores are easily accessible from the Plaza. Your hotel room has a refrigerator and microwave.
·         Connecting with others with similar research goals. You'll learn more and have more fun!

If you would like to connect with others who have attended the British Institute let us know - we're here to help you have an enjoyable educational experience!

Not yet registered? Here's the link:

We look forward to hosting you in Salt Lake City in October!

Friday, August 09, 2019


Once again, we are running a series of webinars through the fall and winter months. All webinars will be FREE to watch at the time of the live presentation. Members of the Society will have access to the recording through the Members Area of the website.

All webinars run at 11 am EASTERN.

Saturday September 7, 2019
CAROLINE GURNEY will present on for Using Manorial Records Genealogy Research

Saturday September 21, 2019
MEGAN HEYL will present on Glamorgan Resources for Genealogy Research

Saturday October 5, 2019
MARGARET FOX will present on The Archival Collections of the Kirk Session

Saturday October 26, 2019
ALEC TRITTON will present on the Records in the Parish Chest

Saturday November 9, 2019
PAUL NIXON will present on British Army Records

Saturday November 23, 2019
CHRISTINE WOODCOCK will present on Colonizing Canada

Saturday December 7, 2019
EILIR ANN DANIELS will present on Pre-1858 Welsh Wills

 Please note that confirmation of registration does not guarantee you will get a "seat" to watch the webinar. Please be sure to login to the presentation 20 minutes early. FREE webinars fill very quickly. 

Sunday, July 28, 2019

British Institute Course Ireland Land, Property and Estate Records

The Ireland Land, Property and Estate Records course is being presented by David Rencher, Director, Family History Library and Chief Genealogical Officer for FamilySearch. 

David has been a professional genealogist since 1977, and is one of the rare few who have earned both credentials: Accredited Genealogist® with ICAPGen in Ireland research, and Certified Genealogist® with the Board for Certification of Genealogists. He serves as the Irish course coordinator and instructor for the Institute of Genealogical and Historical Research, the Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh, and the British Institute.

Having trouble deciding if you should attend British Institute this year? Let me share several good reasons to attend!

  • In-depth learning from the experts: The Institute strives to further your education about the records and the locations that are important to your genealogical research. 
  • Classes are intentionally small in order for the participants to experience individual instruction
  • All classes are held in the Plaza hotel next to the Family History Library. Morning classes allow plenty of research time at the library, plus each attendee will receive a 20-minute consultation with the instructor.
  • Time to informally socialize with genealogists who share your research interests: On Sunday evening there will be an informal get-together to receive name tags and syllabus materials. On Monday evening, there will be a welcome dinner and the opportunity to meet and get to know the attendees and instructors. Dinner is included in the registration fee.
  • Cost-effective, full-immersion experience! Five days of in-depth exploration of your chosen topic at a premier research facility with discounted room rates in a reserved block of rooms (approximately 75% full currently - mention British Institute when you call). Click here for more information on discount lodging.

If you have decided to attend BI 2019, register before October 1st for only $449.00 for ISBGFH Members ($479 for Non-Members)

Register HERE