Tuesday, July 09, 2019

British Institute Course: Tracing Your British and Irish Ancestors Using the National Archives

Tracing Your British and Irish Ancestors Using the National Archives

presented by Audrey Collins, Records Specialist - Family History, at The National Archives (

For more information on this course:

Watch Audrey's webinar which gives an overview of this class: 

Here's the link to the handout for the overview: 

Having trouble deciding if you should attend British Institute this year? Let me share several good reasons to attend!

  1. In-depth learning from the experts: The Institute strives to further your education about the records and the locations that are important to your genealogical research. 
  2. Classes are intentionally small in order for the participants to experience individual instruction
  3. All classes are held in the Plaza hotel next to the Family History Library. Morning classes allow plenty of research time at the library, plus each attendee will receive a 20-minute consultation with the instructor.
  4. Time to informally socialize with genealogists who share your research interests: On Sunday evening there will be an informal get-together to receive name tags and syllabus materials. 
  5. On Monday evening, there will be a welcome dinner and the opportunity to meet and get to know the attendees and instructors. Dinner is included in the registration fee.
  6. Cost-effective, full-immersion experience! Five days of in-depth exploration of your chosen topic at a premier research facility with discounted room rates.

Ready to register? Register before October 1st for only $449.00 for ISBGFH Members ($479 for Non-Members)

If you haven't made a decision about which class to register for, check out this link for more information!

We look forward to hosting you in Salt Lake City in October!

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