Monday, August 19, 2019

Planning for the British Institute

Less than two months before British Institute convenes! Here's what to expect:

Sunday, October 13th - An informal reception @ the Plaza hotel allows you an opportunity to meet your instructor, others in your class, and others attending the institute. You'll receive your registration packet, including your print syllabus (if you ordered one - deadline is September 25th). There will be nibbles in case you are one of those who just arrived. Remember that you can arrive early and possibly have the same discount rate for a few days before and after the institute. There's a free shuttle to and from the airport to the Plaza if you are arriving by air.

Monday, October 14th - Classes start, followed by research time at the library and a sit-down dinner in the evening. This is another opportunity to informally connect with the instructors and others in attendance.

Tuesday through Friday - Class in the morning and research time in the afternoon and evening. The Family History Library is open most days until 9 pm. Plan to take advantage of the many sights and sounds Salt Lake City has to offer as well.

A successful research plan should include:

·         Stretching your legs every hour (put your items in a locker if needed).
·         Staying hydrated - closed water bottles are allowed in the library. Vending machines are available in the library for beverages and snacks.
·         Eating regularly - restaurants, grocery and convenience stores are easily accessible from the Plaza. Your hotel room has a refrigerator and microwave.
·         Connecting with others with similar research goals. You'll learn more and have more fun!

If you would like to connect with others who have attended the British Institute let us know - we're here to help you have an enjoyable educational experience!

Not yet registered? Here's the link:

We look forward to hosting you in Salt Lake City in October!

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