Wednesday, June 02, 2021

British Connections Newest Edition is Available

The latest issue of British Connections, our quarterly publication is now available to ISBGFH members. We offer a very robust publication with 5 regular columnists who share their knowledge on England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, British Army and DNA. In addition, we have four - six contributors for each issue to help us to provide premium educational resources for those of us researching our British Isles and Irish ancestors.  

In the latest issue, we continue to look at local resources for specific counties in each of the four countries our ancestors originated from. Our military expert looks at the Volunteer Dorset Regiment and our DNA expert helps us sort false matches. 

In addition, we learn about the lives of Canal and Railway Navvies, treasures found in attics, The Royal Philanthropic Society and researching M├ętis ancestors.

If you are not a member, please consider joining. For just $25 annually, you get the robust British Connections 4 times a year, access to the recordings of our Winter Webinar Series (14 presentations) and discounts on our virtual and in-person events. 

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